• UK mid-stage tech companies accepted onto Tech Nation Upscale 7.0 programme


    Women in IT and Venturers Club roundtable: the female tech founder investment challenge

    12 October 2021 / Female technology founders are in short supply, but that doesn’t mean they want special treatment. [...]

    Cloud & Edge Computing

    How can big tech boost cloud talent and improve diversity at the same time?

    4 October 2021 / The technology industry has experienced a seismic shift over the past two years, as the [...]

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    Data Analytics & Data Science

    Data management considerations for the agile enterprise

    14 October 2021 / Agility has long been a fundamental characteristic of the modern enterprise. Since the pandemic struck, [...]

    Digital Transformation

    Are machines designing themselves? The next step in digital evolution

    14 October 2021 / Regardless of whether it is hardware, software, peripherals, or research and development on product improvements, [...]


    Over two-thirds of organisations with a data strategy don’t fully understand it

    14 October 2021 / 95% of organisations surveyed by data consultancy Mango Solutions in its data maturity survey declared [...]

    Cloud & Edge Computing

    DIY vs distro: what to pick for your Kubernetes environment

    14 October 2021 / It’s been clear for the past several years that containerisation is the new norm for [...]

    Data Storage & Data Lakes

    Fungible plans to shake up the data centre infrastructure landscape

    13 October 2021 / Founded in 2015 by Pradeep Sindhu and Bertrand Serlet, Fungible was born on a vision [...]


    Combatting supply chain ransomware: it’s time for superhuman cyber security

    13 October 2021 / There is a concerning shift occurring in the mindset of security professionals. Today’s challenges bear [...]

    Smart Cities

    The growing active travel spectrum: why data is vital in facilitating change

    13 October 2021 / Active travel is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ method of travelling. A couple of months ago, [...]

    Communications & Networking

    Three questions to be asked before migrating to a cloud telephony solution

    12 October 2021 / For those who have historically relied on an on-premise office telephone line, the shift to [...]

    Data Storage & Data Lakes

    Nexustorage: the New Zealand startup disrupting the storage market

    12 October 2021 / Discovered a few months ago, Nexustorage is now ready to share its story with the [...]

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